Speed up your WordPress with WP Booster CDN!

DigitalCube Co. Ltd. has started a service of speeding up WordPress.


This wpbooster.net plans to launch a few speed up services for WordPress, and as a first step, it has started taking applications for beta testers of the CDN service.

This article describes WP Booster CDN briefly.

The features of WP Booster

  • It is very easy to set up. Just install a special WordPress plugin from the official plugin directory.
  • WP booster CDN plans to charge as pay-as-you-go system. To cut unnecessary cost, the service doesn’t work when a logged in user browsing.
  • Just disable the plugin to put your site back the way it was. The service (the plugin) leaves no data in your WordPress at all.

Here is the video how to set up. It takes less than a minute.

The effect of CDN by WP Booster

As for the actual effect of CDN, it is the best way to see the result of Pingdom Tools rather than to describe various things about the service.

First of all, the load time of an entire page.

Below is the load time before implementing WP Booster.

After implementing WP Booster CDN, it cuts the load time roughly in half.

The load time of images and CSS in the page is also dramatically reduced.

Below is before implementing.

And the below is after implementing.

You can see the load time of each files is dramatically reduced.

Looking for beta testers!

WP Booster is looking for beta testers.
Please apply for it.

We have also plan to launch a service to speed up WordPress in a different way in a few months.
This service is able to use with this CDN service, so don’t miss it.

Translated and republished here with permission of the original author, Miyauchi-san.