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To experience WPBooster’s effect, we are giving away 100 points for first time users!

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■WP Booster traffic (CSS+JavaScript+Image File)

22.5MB = 1 point

※Minimum usage, 1 point / day

■Traffic price

500 point = $ 6.25

Charging and Payment

Charging of WP Booster is pay-as-you-go system depending on the amount of CDN usage, and payment is made by Megumi points.
500 points is $ 6.25. 1 point is consumed for every  22.5MB of traffic which WP Booster cache images, css and JavaScript.

For the first time, we are giving away 100 points for free, so please try to install and experience the service.
After you consume 100 points, you can purchase every 500 points ( $ 6.25) by PayPal or credit card.

You can use WP Booster by just signing up and installing the plugin.
To quit the service, just deactivate the plugin (no need to do anything for recovery).

Rough standard:Average WordPress site

Average monthly consumption points for 100,000 PV/month is about 500 points.
Actual consumption points vary according to actual site or the number of requests.

  • Note that it varies according to CSS, JS and size of images.
  • Actual price depends on your site composition and traffic, so please check with the “first time free points”.

Points Simulator

- points / month

We are currently Beta testing the WP Booster Simple Monthly Calculator. This Calculator provides an estimate of usage charges for WP Booster services based on certain information you provide.
Monthly charges will be based on your actual usage of WP Booster services, and may vary from the estimates the Calculator has provided.

100 points for free trial

To experience WPBooster’s effect, we are giving away 100 points for the first time!

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