About CDN

CDN (Contents Delivery Network) is a network that is optimized for delivering Web content over the Internet.
Caching your site’s contents on servers (edge ​​server) which are located around the world and distributing the contents from the closest servers to users, the contents are delivered at high speed.
As for WP Booster CDN, by placing the 33 edge servers all over the world, you will be able to deliver static contents like CSS, JS and image files at high speed.

What’s WP Booster CDN?

Normally when using a CDN, it is necessary to know the advanced techniques of a server.
However, by using the WP Booster CDN, you will be able to use a CDN to just enable a plugin of WordPress without troublesome settings.

■Using the WP Booster CDN has the following advantages:

Deliver static files such as images from the edge servers which are located around the world

Selecting automatically an edge server closest to the user and delivering static files automatically, you will be able to deliver contents at a high speed.
Edge servers are deployed in over 33 locations around the world.
In addition, the network used to deliver is fast. The time required to display the entire site will be reduced from 50% to 30%.

Downloading static contents in parallel

The number of downloading static contents at the same time from a site with a browser is limited.
Downloading from different domains, the browser can download the contents in parallel, then it is possible to improve the speed.

Optimized cache control

In WP Booster CDN, we set an expiration date that is appropriate for static content.
In this way, you will be able to optimize the acquisition of static content to cut unnecessary communication.

Reducing the access to the original server

If there is a cache on the edge servers, requests to static content from the client is not made to the original server.
Therefore, you can dramatically reduce the load of the original server (not only the load of the network, but also the processing on the original server).
The original server will be able to perform processing better than ever before.


WordPress sets the COOKIE, so when downloading static contents, WordPress uploads COOKIE data to the server.
By using the WP Booster CDN, CSS, JS, images are delivered from a domain different from the site itself, so uploading COOKIE data is suppressed.
For example, if your site has 20 images, you can save up to 100KB extra communication.

High reliability

When the API has trouble or you forget to purchase points, the plugin will stop working automatically.
There are no broken links, images, or CSS.
Further, the edge location servers are installed around the world; they are multiplexed in each location.

■Current stats of WP Booster


Requests : 570,780,613 req

Cache Objects : 8,052,099 files

Traffic : 8,530,054 GB

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