Very easy to setup, just enable the plugin and enter your API key

You don’t need to change DNS or server migration.
You will be able to use a high-speed CDN just to install the dedicated plugin to your WordPress and simply enter your API key.

Very fast in a mobile environment

Smartphones are currently spreading rapidly, but the line used for them are not very fast.
On the other hand, the content is bloated due to spread (such as Retina display) ultra-high resolution display typified by iPad and iPhone.
On 3G connection, the faster technology of WP Booster CDN reduces the time required to download the content to 1 / 3-1 / 2.

Low cost!

Paying by prepaid points system will not charge you indefinitely.
Even when you have a sudden access increase , you won’t be charged more than what you already paid for.
Also, if your site is a general blog site (assuming a PV / 2 ~ 3 million/month), it will cost only several hundred yen per month.

WP Booster

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Cache Objects : 8,062,942 files

Traffic : 8,535,615 GB

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